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Manna Cafe' and Catering -A taste of Heaven
A family style Cafe' featuring Business to Business and Event Catering
Cafe carry out or reservations  440-639-2365


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Event Catering Dinner Packages


                  Dinner Packages

  1. $16.95 Bronze Package
  2. Garden Salad - Chopped romaine, cucumber, tomato, carrot, crouton and cheddar cheese.
  3. Choice of two -
  4. Beef tips and broccoli,  beef sirloin tips with broccoli florets in a rich burgundy beef sauce.
  5. Herb crusted pork loin, pork tenderloin seared and slow roasted in fresh herbs and spices. Served in natural gravy.
  6. Baked or fried chicken, marinated or lightly floured, prepared in southern tradition.
  7. Choice Of two - Basmati rice, roasted potato, or garlic buttered egg noodles
  8. Includes seasonal vegetables, rolls, butter. Add dessert $1.50 per person.

  9. $20.95 Silver Package
  10. Deluxe Salad - Choose Strawberry Pecan, Cranberry Walnut, or Very Veggie
  11. Choice of two -
  12. Baked lemon crusted cod loin, mild white fish seasoned and baked to flaky perfection.
  13. Chicken Marsala, in the traditional manner, tender breast of chicken breaded and served in a savory Marsala wine sauce.
  14. Roasted Turkey Breast with a cranberry cornbread stuffing and natural gravy.
  15. Beef Brisket in gravy. Tender home-style sliced brisket in a Burgundy beef  gravy.
  16. Choice of two - Vegetable Alfredo, roasted potato, basmati rice, pasta marinara
  17. Includes seasonal vegetables, rolls, butter, add desert $1.50 per person.

$27.95 Gold Dinner Package

  1. Deluxe salad choose one:
  2. Strawberry pecan
  3. Cranberry Walnut
  4. Very Veggie
  5. Soup Choose one:
  6. Tomato Basil
  7. Italian Wedding
  8. Broccoli Cheddar
  9. Entree's Choose three:
  10. Chicken Marsala
  11. Roasted Turkey Breast
  12. Sirloin Beef tips and broccoli over egg noodles
  13. Beef Brisket
  14. Baked Citrus Salmon
  15. Lemon Crusted Cod loin
  16. Side dish Choose two:
  17. Vegetable Basmati Rice
  18. Vegetable Alfredo
  19. Roasted Redskin Potato
  20. Pasta Marinara
  21. Includes seasonal vegetables, rolls, butter. Add dessert $1.50 per person.
  1. $49.95 Platinum Package
  2. Appetizers, Choose two - Cheese and Cracker tray, Vegetable tray, Crab cakes, Beef Wellington Bites
  3. Soup - Choose one - Tomato basil, Italian wedding, broccoli cheddar
  1. Deluxe Salad - Strawberry Pecan, cranberry walnut, or very veggie
  2. Choice of three -
  3. Sliced prime roast beef, slow roasted top round served au jus.
  4. Tuscan chicken, tender chicken breast baked in an artichoke, white wine and sun dried tomato sauce.
  5. Herb crusted pork loin, pork tenderloin served in natural gravy.
  6. Citrus baked salmon, flaky salmon fillet baked in a orange marmalade citrus glaze. 
  7. Choose two - 
  8. Basmati rice, pasta marinara, roasted potato
  9. Includes seasonal vegetable, rolls, butter, add dessert $1.50 per person